Frequently Asked Questions

Companies dealing in formulations and medical devices are required to register on the IPDMS 2.0. If a company deals in formulations as well as medical devices in that case that particular company needs to register separately for formulations and medical devices. Separate login credentials will be provided to such companies for handling formulations and medical devices segments.

Existing Companies (registered under IPDMS Ver 1) dealing formulations only are not required to register afresh in the IPDMS 2.0 system, however medical devices segment companies are required to register afresh. Further, companies, dealing in formulations and medical devices, who are already registered had to register again for Medical devices segment and the existing credentials shall be useful for Formulations segment.

Existing companies (Companies registered in IPDMS Ver 1 online system) after the first login must update/verify company’s details, company’s plants details and products being manufactured in their respective plants. To file Form I, II, III, IV, V and VI, such verification is mandatory.

OTP will be sent to the company’s registered email address during registration process. The user will have to enter the OTP received on the registered email address in order to successfully register in the IPDMS 2.0 system. If any case of any difficulty, the same may be sent on

Yes, A company dealing in Medicines and Medical Devices will have to register separately for Medicines and Medical Devices.

Yes, the medical device companies required to register afresh in the IPDMS 2.0 system.

A company must add at least one manufacturing plant and the products being manufactured in that plant before filing any of the IPDMS form. Only those products will populate in IPDMS web forms (II, III, IV, V and VI) which have been entered by the company using product addition feature provided in the online system.

Company basic details as determined in the IPDMS 2.0 can be updated with the approval of NPPA only.

Yes, but only with the approval of NPPA.