Pharma company existing in IPDMS Ver 1

Companies which are already registered on IPDMS V1.0 should Login into new IPDMS 2.0 with login credential as shared by NPPA on their registered Email ID

After login POP UP window appears and company user is supposed to verify/update all details as mentioned below:-(Verification is compulsory for filling forms)

1. Update/Verify Company Basic Details

2. Update/Verify Company Other Details

3. Update/Verify Company Plant Details

4. Update/Verify Product Details

Now click on Update company basic details and verify the company basic details

After verifying the basic company details click on Update Company Other details and verify the company other details

After verifying the Plant details now click on Product details and verify the single/Multiple Product details in one go.

After adding Pre-requisites (Plant/Product) company can fill any of the IPDMS form ( IPDMS Form II to V)